A day at the California Citrus State Historic Park


We took a much needed day off and decided to take the chil’rens to the California Citrus State Historic Park. Who knew this cool park was practically right in my own backyard. Our original plan was to go to L.A. and visit one of the well-known museums. After considering the drive, the expense, the traffic, the same old exhibits and ugh. Then I remembered a series my pastor taught where he visited a local park and he encouraged us to commune with God in His creation. So we off we went. No plans, no phone call to see if it was open, just a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for the essentials: juice boxes, dried chili mangoes, Chinese crackers, water and little toasts with basil and tomato hummus.

The weather was clear, sunny and beautiful. It has been so long since we had time to just walk hand in hand with one another, listen to the wind, munch on snacks, run around and laugh.







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March Madness–glad it’s over

March Madness–glad it’s over

A day at the California Citrus State Historic Park

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  1. raquel

    And the only one who isn’t smiling in the first pic….Benny. Yeah he’s got that look on his face that says “as soon as all this is over, I gotta get back in that crowded van and listen to more rage music next to 2 girls in car seats…” I can hear it now.

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