Our day at St. Elmo Village

They have the most amazing found-object sculptures.

A close-up of someone’s really cool painting.

My Diego being his usual obnoxious self. 

A painting hanging in the children’s workshop. I would totally rock this Jimi Hendrix in my house!

My love with his latest creation.

With another one of his creations. I love these two paintings. That is one talented brotha, don’t you agree?

Another sculpture.

My mama walking over a floor painting that I created in 1998. It was my ode to the breastfeeding mother. They will be repainting these floors in April, and I get the feeling it’s not going to be as easy to paint on my hands and knees like it was when I was 25. I will definitely need some knee pads and 800 mg. Motrin. 
Cyan looking all tough-guy, as usual.

One of the loves of my life.

Maya with her favorite big brother, Diego.

Na na na na naaa naanaa…wanna be on top? My America’s Next Top Model. She always strikes a pose like this one.

One of my all-time favorite paintings at the Village, by Rozzell Sykes.

My honey and his dear friend, mentor and director of St. Elmo, Roderick Sykes.

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Our day at St. Elmo Village

Having babies and hemorrhoids

Our day at St. Elmo Village

Scarlett Johansson, back up off my man!

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