Hey, you’re fat!

I have been reading about fat activism for a few years now. It feels good to be aware–to have your eyes opened on things. When I read Spilt Milk‘s words on the fat body in the post  I am not your cautionary tale, I was ready to wave my white church gloves in the air and dance down the aisles.

In some ways fat bodies are our current culture’s dumping ground for fear and loathing: we are the go-to places for thrashing out anxiety about consumption and excess, death and disease, work ethic and individual responsibility, boundaries and restraint, ugliness and beauty. Fat bodies are politicised — even politicians literally use fat as short-hand for bad, wrong, excessive. Fat bodies are ridiculed, dehumanised, demonised and charged with meaning.

Can I get an amen?

Today, I am blogging about Georgia’s Anti-Obesity ads and pure and unadulterated fat-shaming over at Babycenter MOMformation: Fat-shaming children (and their parents). Please go and check it out!

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Hey, you’re fat!

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Hey, you’re fat!

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