My son the artist

My son Solomon is turning 12 this week, and I wanted to share a life lesson he learned over the summer. If he works hard and finishes a painting…someone might actually want to buy it.

Hopefully, the stacks and stacks of unfinished pieces in his parent’s studio will be a cautionary tale.

Um, pardon me but…we can claim six kids, a crap load of laundry, homeschooling and trying to survive financially as an excuse for not always finishing our artwork. He is a preteen whose biggest problem is discovering there are no more limes to squeeze on his cucumbers and Tajin. He gives up on his paintings when he gets bored or he finds himself at a difficult step and he doesn’t know how to resolve it. Both Michael and I try to encourage him to keep working, keep trying, keep painting, keep creating.

And this is what he came up with:

Boy Marley art never gets old. This is Sol’s fourth Bob Marley-inspired painting.

Che Guevara, as requested by my nephew, who also happens to be a revolutionary.

Sol and the two paintings he sold. Make that money, boo! P.S If you don’t know what C.R.E.A.M is, you better ask somebody.

Once Sol got his stack of cold hard cash, he paid off his debts and put the rest in savings. And by savings, I totally mean he deposited it at Grandma’s Bank of California. Then, we talked about completing his goal of creating ten paintings in a year. He has two more to meet that goal.

We brainstormed ideas, trying to decide who would be his next portrait. One vote went to Lauryn Hill.  It’s no secret that I love old school hip hop and rap, so the other vote was for Wu Tang’s Old Dirty Bastard. Also known as ODB.

Also known as Dirt McGirt.
Also known as Big Baby Jesus.
Also known as Freeloading Rusty.
Also known as Osirus.

Solomon usually finds an image he likes on the interwebs. Then he opens it in Photoshop and creates a posterized portrait. Then he is free to draw, reproduce and start painting.

OBD’s photo id for food stamps was classic.

I confess, I let him stay up late as long as he’s working on his paintings. He’s a good studio mate.

My mother has this saying in Spanish about how people tend to get moving when they are motivated by making money. But alas, it’s late and I can’t text her for the translation. But I get it. Sol was getting tired of seeing his paintings stack up and not having any money in his pockets, like his big brothers do. So he decided to sell them and make money.

I wish I learned this when I was his age. I love this little dude. His creativity and ability to execute things blows me away every single time.

My son the artist

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My son the artist

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