Proud mama moment: their first dance

Love his smile.

My sons often surprise me with their dedication. It’s not that I’m surprised they are dedicated–I just wonder where they get it from. I mean, you can’t teach dedication.

Two examples.

One, two of my sons work at my uncle’s house every week. Noah details all of the cars and Diego is the gardener. They are very conscientious about setting their alarm, waking up and getting dressed, eating a bowl of cereal and walking to work. “Work” is just a couple blocks away and it’s only once a week, but they take it very seriously. They are usually up and out the door before I even wipe the cold out of my eyes. But I know when they are leaving because they come into my room, give me a kiss and say goodbye.

They are 13 and 15.  I am blessed beyond belief.

The second example is their dedication to Frontside, their youth group at church. They’ve been a part of Sandals Church since 2005, almost their entire childhood. They go during the week, they attend special events and they are even a part of the planning and design teams for special events. I’m happy to see them involved and excited. They were really stoked about a Winter Formal dance their special events team had planned a couple of weeks ago.

Mom, do we have to take a date?
Mom, do we have to get dressed up?
Mom, can you teach us how to slow dance?
Mom, we’re not your life-size Ken dolls!

These were the questions (and statements) floating around our home for a few weeks. On the day of the dance, there was a lot of nervous energy and I could’ve swore I had a houseful of teenage girls, the amount of drama they created simply getting dressed. Still, they were so cute and handsome. They were all like carbon copies of their father in various ways–the way they walked around in their white undershirts and trouser socks, looking for belts, suspenders, ties, etc.

My curly-headed boy.

Aww, a boy after my own heart with those boots!
It ain’t easy being cheesy.

At this point, they were over picture-taking time.

We were going for a Bruno Mars look.

Handsome gents. Thanks to BoifromIpanema for all the fashions.

This was the end of the dance, sharing war stories about asking girls to dance and getting shot down.

Check out this cool video from our church and you’ll see my sons in a few candid shots. Totes made me tear up when I saw it, too.

They have made so many great relationships there. It feels great to see them be a part of something amazing. I’m a proud mama.

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Proud mama moment: their first dance

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Proud mama moment: their first dance

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