Kids Craft: Easy DIY Bangle

My little girls are fashionistas.

Together, they have accumulated handbags, jewelry, boots, sandals, earrings, bracelets, scarves, denim jackets, fur vests, leggings in all colors and Jessica Simpson wedges for play time (courtesy of their latest yard sale score).

I have no idea where they get it from because I am a total tomboy–give me a comfy pair of jeans and a white v-neck and I’m happy.

I made bangles for an old friend recently, and the second my daughter Maya saw them, she wanted to scoop them up for herself! The wooden bangles from DIY Bangles are great blank canvases to work with and luckily I had a few left. I knew this would be a perfect diy project for Maya and myself (because you know mama wants to get in on the action, too).

Plaid sent me a box of goodies to try out and I was happy because hellooo, one gets happy when one gets a box of goodies from Plaid. I was excited to try the new Mod Podge Washout because it has the same formula that we all know and love from Mod Podge but it washes out of clothing and furniture, even after it’s dry. That is music to my ears, since my kids are devoted–and sometimes messy–crafters.

I also got some Apple Barrel Paint and we all know the love affair I have with craft paints. Apple Barrel has the best colors and they are perfect for all of my crafting projects.

Maya and I got down to business.

I thought the bracelet would come out nice and neat if we cut some shapes with blue painter’s tape first. So that’s what I did, cut out small triangles and lines and I helped Maya place them on the bangle. Make sure you press down firmly so the paint doesn’t leak.

I let Maya go to town. I resisted the urge to take over.

Make sure you paint the inside of the bangle first. We chose Petunia Purple. Let dry. Then add your other favorite colors. Mix it up! We used Banana, Lime Tree, Pool Blue, and Candy Pink.


We went ahead and painted different colors right on top of each coat after it fully dried and it had great coverage. Once it’s all dry, carefully peel off the tape.

I also used a contrasting color on the other side of the bangle–so 80’s!

I ended up adding some black as an accent (I used a marker) because it needed some edge to it. Once it was dry, we put a coat of Mod Podge Washout over the entire bangle. The formula is slightly thicker and smells differently, too. I guess this is a good thing because I’ve found myself wanted to eat the Mod Podge because it smells so yummy!

Oh wait. Am I the only weirdo that admits to wanting to eat Mod Podge?


Anyhow, the Mod Podge Washout gave the bangles a subtle gloss so we added two coats. This formula is great because I was able to clean it up with soap and water easily. 

I love the way it turned out.

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Kids Craft: Easy DIY Bangle

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  1. jade

    This is a lovely bright bracelet design and it looks as if you all had a lot of fun with your handmade jewellery making.

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