When you want to rock a necklace like Frida Kahlo

The second I saw this necklace I thought, this is something Frida Kahlo would’ve worn. I want!

Frida was known for wearing beautiful, bold Pre-Columbian jewelry, handmade stones and pendants. Contrary to popular belief, she wore them as a political statement. In no way were they trendy or fashionable during Frida’s time.

As always, Frida was an individual.

I once read that many of her necklaces were gifts from her husband Diego Rivera, as a peace offering during his many infidelities.


I love Frida Kahlo and I love Diego Rivera (enough to name my son after him!), but part of me hates him for all of the pain he caused her.

But of course, I bought it.

I can’t help but feel a little exotic in it. I love the sound the stones make when they click against each other while I’m putting it on or taking it off. I love the weight of the stones against my neck. I also like that I can open the locket and put a photo inside. And it sits right in between the décolletage.


You know, the cleavage–assuming I had some, of course.

I purchased this necklace from Inspira, which is handmade jewelry by my dear friend Lizzy. Connect with her on Facebook and follow @LaChillona on Instagram for more pics of the stuff she makes.

You can’t have this one. It’s mine!

When you want to rock a necklace like Frida Kahlo

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When you want to rock a necklace like Frida Kahlo

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