Feeling happy at Craft Happy OC

I had a chance to experience the Craft Happy Retreat in Anaheim recently. I already fell in love with what they’re trying to accomplish there at Community ever since the Craft of Blogging, so I was excited to visit once again.

Lisa Cherry, owner of The Makery, invited me back to participate in their Craft Happy event and I’m so glad I had the chance to go. There is nothing like sitting in a room with a bunch of focused crafters. We all have so much going on in our lives–jobs, marriages, kids, businesses, school, etc. A Sunday to do nothing but craft sounded pretty freaking amazing.

I like to think of it as healing time. If I’m grumpy, tired, down, stressed, angry or not feeling well, making stuff makes me feel better.

I have a feeling that many of people who attended Craft Happy felt the same way.

Learning how to crochet.

 I walked into my Printmaking session a little late (traffic on the 91 freeway–even on a Sunday morning), but everyone had their craft game face on. What? There is too such a thing as a craft game face. When crafters have the opportunity to release some creative expression, we don’t mess around. That time is precious.

I slid into Morgan Culture‘s session and got down to business carving a design into a potato. Remember when I made those cool stamped scarves for Valentine’s Day with a potato?  Fun! Yes, it smelled like we were making hash browns up in there, but really, potato stamping is a great way to make a unique stamp–and it’s cheap and easy.

Of course, I had to start carving a tiny little skull. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now.

Find a potato shape that will compliment your design. You can draw your design with a pen or a sharp pencil and then start scraping away. We used #11 x-acto blades. I was a little overzealous with my cutting but all it did was give my skull some cool designs on it that showed up once I put ink on it.

Morgan gave me some good tips about cutting in the teeth. I appreciated her teaching style. She was informative, yet she stayed in the background and let people do their own thing.

Putting some printing ink on my stamp.

There were lots of cool stuff happening around me. Flowers, dogs, hearts, the solar system, a few choice words (more on that later).

Make sure you don’t “over-ink”, but press down firmly for a good impression.

We were given a canvas tote bag to stamp on. While I was stamping, I giggled to myself, thinking of how many canvas tote bags I’ve accumulated during my crafting career. Clearly, it’s a project favorite. I’ve witnessed ladies almost go at it in front of a Martha Stewart make-and-take booth once.

They really wanted that free tote. Dang.

My bag turned out so cute!

Side note: I cannot wait for Dia de los Muertos this year!  

Here are some other shots at Craft Happy OC:

So many cute things! I wanted all the cute things.

Loved this Year of the Rat Baby Block from Stacy Wong on Etsy

Loving Chris Lam‘s vagina bag from our printmaking session. Word on the street is she also made penis cupcakes during the cupcake decorating session.
“Maker’s gonna make” temporary tattoo on Boifromipanema. Isn’t he handsome?

Lunch was provided by the yummy CravOn truck.

Holy moly, lunch was good. Steak, grilled veggies and other good stuff on CravOn’s baked fries. #nom city

My blogging adventure buddy.
My two hard-working blogging amigas Ruby and Xenia were the first two happy faces I encountered when I walked in and they were the last smiles I saw when I left.

I really enjoyed myself at Craft Happy OC. I love when people have a dream, regardless of how unconventional it may seem, and they bring it to fruition. That’s the feeling I get whenever I’m at the Community.

Here’s to hoping I get to attend more Craft Happy’s in the future.

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Feeling happy at Craft Happy OC

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Feeling happy at Craft Happy OC

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