Riverside Local | Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

We celebrate Dia de los Muertos by painting our face like calaveras and heading to our local Day of the Dead festivities with our family in downtown Riverside.

Dia de los Muertos was such a lovely celebration this year. Since it landed on a Saturday, we devoted the entire day to painting our faces, spending time with family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends) and visiting our local Day of the Dead celebration in downtown Riverside, California.

All of our faces were painted by me and Jeshua using Tulip Body Art paint from iLovetoCreate.

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This year was Riverside’s 10th annual Dia de los Muertos celebration, and it was their biggest yet! Market Street was shut down and the spirit of los muertos converged upon White Park, where so many beautiful and heartfelt altars were set up.

What I love about this event is how truly family friendly the atmosphere is. The event is large yet still manages to feel intimate, it’s respectful of the traditions and it welcomes families with children. Little ones with their faces painted among the lit candles, eating kettlecorn and watching the Ballet Folklorico dancers take place in the celebration along with their families.

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Every year, my favorite part of the festivities, besides the face painting, is watching the Aztec dancers. My daughter Maya was so entranced with them that she told her uncle Jeshua, “When I watch the dancers, I pretend like I’m one of them and that’s me out there dancing, too.”  

Aw, my heart.

Photo by Sebastian Rivera

There are so many wonderful Day of the Dead events held all over Southern California–especially the wildly popular Hollywood Forever event–and while I’d love to visit them all, I really feel like I should support my local Dia de los Muertos event.

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A few shots from Instagram:

My babies were really looking forward to Day of the Dead–they didn’t want to miss it!

Riverside Local | Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

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Riverside Local | Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

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    Hope to see you out there!

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