IKEA Hack: Make a Pretty Scarf Display

I’m a scarf hoe.

There is just no lady-like way to put it. I love scarves. Pashminas, infinity, silk, solid, patterned, diy, with a fringe–doesn’t matter I love them just the same. Every time I go out shopping, I usually buy another one.


Because it doesn’t matter what size I wear when I’m looking for scarves.

More than that though, they are colorful, they are soft, they upgrade an outfit, they are warm, stylish and functional. And they don’t make my wallet sad, for which I am eternally grateful.

But what happens when you have so many scarves that they are beginning to take over your life? More importantly, your closet space? I fold them into cute little squares and I stack them in a six-compartment hanging system thingie in the closet but this current method of storage sucks because I can’t see what I have.

I can’t remember where I got the idea (probably a magazine or on Pinterest), but I started thinking about the black storage rails from IKEA that I have hanging in my kitchen. Why not use them in the bedroom to drape my scarves on? This way they can serve as something beautiful to look at,  as well as clever storage.

It’s pretty simple yet makes a big impact.

Just follow instructions for installation and bam….a beautiful scarf display rail for your bedroom.

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I’m loving the way all of the colors brighten up my room–the scarves are like art on the walls! The prints are so pretty–I really like being reminded why I bought each one (or who gifted me with each beauty). The only downfall? I need at least three more rails to completely hang my scarf collection–this is only a small portion of their numbers!

I told you I was a scarf hoe. 

Enjoy, friends.

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IKEA Hack: Make a Pretty Scarf Display

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IKEA Hack: Make a Pretty Scarf Display

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  1. Elba Valverde

    Hi Denise!!
    What a great idea. i’m a scarf junkie too and what you said it’s so true, they look like art on the walls, all those colors and beautiful prints.
    Love your blog 😉
    Xo, Elba @ livecolorful.com

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