Motherhood problems: Please teach your children about good music

I was sitting at my desk, plugging away on the computer editing photos (as usual) and writing, when I heard the most beautiful thing: my son playing a song on his guitar.

You see, my office is situated right in the middle of everything. As I’m working, I’m also listening to the flow of life in our home. I can’t listen to music while I write because it’s too distracting but I can’t completely shut everyone out so instead I listen to the steady hum of family life. Conversations, laughter, arguments, Minecraft music, skateboard grinding in my driveway, movies, TV shows, funny YouTube videos etc. I hear it all and ironically, I still get my work done.

Noah rocks out on his electric guitar and always with the amp plugged in and the volume turned up. Nevermind that he lives with seven other people with eardrums. I don’t like playing with headphones, mom he said because of course I’ve begged him over and over to PLEASE LOWER THE VOLUME.

But he never does so we are all treated to impromptu guitar solos and riffs on repeat every day. I let him do it because I worry I’ll stifle his creative outlet and then one day he’ll feel the need to run away and join a heavy metal band where he’ll try heroin and get a plethora of venereal diseases.

What. You’ve never read Slash’s autobiography? It can happen.

But on this day, he was playing something that sounded like the solo in the song, Computer Blue, by Prince in the movie Purple Rain. Which, hello, is like swoon city for me. If you think Prince is some freaky-deaky musician that wears crop tops and high-heeled boots, you are sadly mistaken. Prince is an amazing musician.

I love me some Prince. Always have, always will.

Listening to the guitar riff, I was instantly transported to the tender age of twelve. Yes, twelve. I wished to God my mom would let me wear trench coats, lace, black eyeliner and cut my hair like Wendy. Or was it Lisa? Either way, I coveted that asymmetrical haircut.

It was so cool and it was everything to this dreamer–a nerdy, frizzy-haired, chubby artist on the eve of her teen years.

I remember this poster that came inside the album. I used to stare at it for hours on end. I mean, come on.

Prince is wearing purple velvet shoes.

Anyhow, listening to this riff made my heart soar. I got really excited thinking that maybe, just maybe, my son was seeing the error of his musical ways (he is a metalhead) and trying something new–funk music. Which, coincidentally, is something his mama loves. Usually, I’m impressed with my kid’s musical selection–my husband and I have done our parental duty in teaching our kids about classic rock, old school hip hop and 90’s alternative. But lately I’ve been noticing a lot of noise and heavy metal and thrash music coming from my son’s bedroom and just, ugh. Grossness.

It’s either that or I’m really turning into an old woman.

When I excitedly called him into my office to ask what he was playing–I already had the scene where Prince is performing Computer Blue at the nightclub from the movie cued up on my laptop and I was frantically searching my Spotify for my Prince playlist–when I quickly realized it was the latter.

Him: Ew. Really, mom? Prince. No.

Me: But look. Look at this video–

Him: Mom. That dude is wearing a lace mask. And high heels! No way.

Me: But what you were playing…it sounded just like–

Him: No, mom. It was a Metallica song.

Sigh. Heavy sighs.

I’m thankful for my son and his passion for music. I never thought that signing him up for guitar lessons would shape his life in such a way. Still, mama is holding out for some Prince.

Lace mask optional.

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Motherhood problems: Please teach your children about good music

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Motherhood problems: Please teach your children about good music

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