Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: “Love”

Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"

Markers are my happy place. I’ve always loved to draw with a thick, juicy black marker. I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them called Marker Addicts. All I need are a couple of Sharpies and a nice pad of marker paper and I am cool, cool, cool.

I’ve been drawing in this black and white abstract style for a really long time, so imagine my surprise when what I’ve been creating for over thirty years on my own has a name and it’s called Zentangle. Wow.

Zentangle is the art of drawing structured patterns. Here is a Modern Art 4 Kids project I did with my art class on Instagram a few months ago.

My students loved it and so did I. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t have to be an “artist” to pull it off. Funny thing, I just never realized how soothing drawing was and how I instinctively sought it out as a means of both stimulating and comforting myself. Art is pretty freaking awesome that way.

I recently created another wall photo collage in my bedroom, and I was on the hunt for some cool wall art. While I’m in the midst of building my collage, I can usually be found cannibalizing art postcards and books, old drawings from our sketchbooks, etc. I wanted something that said,


Why not just make something new? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

With my old faithful Sharpie marker, I got started created a Zentangle-like drawing of the word, “love”. I left the marker sitting beside the drawing–eventually my husband Michael picked up where I left off. Then on the last round, I went in and finished the drawing.

I love doing collaborations like this.

Making art with the person that I love.
Doing what we both love to do.
Writing the word love, as an art form.

Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"

Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"

Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"

Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"
Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"
Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: "Love"

I’m in love with love. Have you ever tried to create a Zentangle?

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Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: “Love”

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Make Your Own Zentangle Wall Art: “Love”

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  1. Monique

    I have been entertaining the idea of creating Zentangle art for a wall in my dining room. It seems to be especially budget friendly;-) What exactly do you consider to be a “nice pad of marker paper”? Probably a dumb question, but, I’m not much of an artist so I really don’t know what I should pick up for this project;-)

    1. Denise Cortes

      You can find maker paper at your local art and crafts store or online (like Dick Blicks) but I really like Bristol Board, which is used for illustration. Nice smooth and sturdy and you can get 9 x 12 pad for under $15. Have fun!

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