CHA Mega Show 2014: A crafter’s paradise

This is my third year visiting the CHA Mega show at the Anaheim Convention Center in So Cal.  

CHA is a trade show where craft manufacturers gather to display their latest products and designs. This is the opportunity to see all of the latest must-have crafting products in the industry. In addition to all of the new crafting goodies, there are also craft demos, classes, product swag and seminars.

I look forward to going every year so I can check out all the new stuff in the craft industry. I also love to see all my crafty friends and geek out over the crafty celebrities. I am creepy enough to admit that some of them are larger than life and easy to spot, others are a bit more subdued and difficult to recognize…but when you stalk their Twitter and Instagram account then you know what they’re wearing and their hashtags tell you where they’ve been. 

Oh my. Have I said too much?

My favorite thing about CHA–besides the swag and all of the fangirling?

The creativity of the booths, most definitely. I love to see how each brand conceptualizes their space and makes it come alive. Some booths have really cool furniture that look very much like an amazing Pinterest board come to life. There are art installations, paintings, crafts–you name it, there is some good stuff here.

This year, my favorite booth had to be Plaid. It was ridiculously amazing. I want ALL of the new stuff they have coming out. The Leather Studio paint looks very exciting–I can finally paint boots and bags with this new formula. With all of my custom-painted TOMS shoes, I’m often asked about leather shoes and I turn them away because I’m not confident painting them with regular acrylic paint.

The multi-surface paint display was very cool but then again, I was already sold on that paint since I created this project a few months ago. I also really liked the new stencils from Handmade Charlotte. Rachel Faucett was there, demoing her new line and instead of introducing myself like a normal person would do, I was all, omgggggg that’s Handmade Charlotte. And then I just snapped photos like the creeper I am.

But I digress.

I suppose the whole point of having a great booth and highlighting your top crafters and product lines is this–it makes business owners, crafters and bloggers like me want all the stuffs.

I also got to visit with my peeps at the I Love to Create space. They had a few really cool art pieces on display, too.

Here are a few other cool shots from the show.

I left CHA Mega show completely inspired to step up my craft game. I mean, 7 Wonders of the World recreated and knit with yarn– like the Maya ruins above–will do that to a person.

And now, if only a cleaning crew and full teaching staff could be at my fingertips so I can set aside the pesky details of motherhood and homeschooling so I can do, you know, fun stuff.

Happy crafting, friends.

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CHA Mega Show 2014: A crafter’s paradise

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CHA Mega Show 2014: A crafter’s paradise

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