I suck at Valentine’s Day

I took this photo on the island of Oahu.

One of my all-time favorite song lyrics are from Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”. The words are so simple yet profound. Every time I hear them, I think of my husband Michael.

I know that Valentine’s Day was two days ago, but can I admit something personal?

We suck at Valentine’s Day. 

Michael and I, that is. Basically, we seem to drop the ball on any important date or milestone. I guess there is just too much pressure to perform. Too many expectations. For our 16th anniversary last July, we went out to dinner and somehow we ended up on the most unpleasant topic ever, which led to a horrible argument. It was so surreal. I decided I had enough, stood up and walked out–something I’ve never done. Then I sat outside fuming. After a few minutes–and after he presumably paid the tab–Michael ended up walking out too. Then he did something I didn’t expect–he started to walk home.


It was probably one of our worst dates ever. Thankfully, we did kiss and make up that night, but not before I had to cruise alongside him as he stomped on home, while I pleaded with him to get in the car, all the while sounding like a complete psycho.

It was all very Ike and Tina.

The next day we had a do-over. We spent a lovely evening out, walking hand in hand and confessing our undying love for one another under the moonlight. Sometimes love is like that, you know. Passion can go both ways.

Our Valentine’s Day this year was no different. I just returned from a five day trip to Hawaii. Life is always a little on the edge when I return home from business trips. Long story short, we didn’t exchange too many feelings of love on February 14th.


Yet, while on the trip in Hawaii, I saw so many beautiful things. Each and every time, I thought of Michael, wishing he was right there with me. His face was the first one my mind would conjure up as I made my way through the day.

Sitting on the beach of the North Shore, watching the surfers tackle monstrous waves while looking as tiny as ants, we waited for the sun to go down. And while we did, I thought of this song and how the words seemed so fitting for the sight before me.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I didn’t. But, no matter.

I’m thankful for eternal love and do-overs.

I suck at Valentine’s Day

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I suck at Valentine’s Day

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  1. Kathy Cano-Murillo

    The whole concept of V-day is silly. We know in our hearts that EVERY day is about love in one way, shape or form and it is the long haul that really counts. The hills and valleys we go through in marriage are filled with colors, textures, feelings, emotions to form one magical, memorable beautiful life together. With many awesome stories to tell! True love always is what matters!!! Love to both of you!!!

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