Up close and personal: Frida Kahlo, Her Photos exhibit at MOLAA

If you love Frida Kahlo as much as I do, then you’ll want to make a beeline to the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach to catch their new exhibit, Frida Kahlo, Her Photos.

I had the chance to preview the exhibit last week, a day before they opened the show to a sold-out crowd with a line of eager Frida fanatics snaked around the building.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to MOLAA, but with the cool architecture and large Frida banner front and center, it was pretty easy to spot. I was excited, to say the least.

If you are expecting to see any of Frida’s paintings, you won’t find any here. But what you will find are over two hundred photographs that give you an intimate look at Frida’s life, such as family photographs, traditional portraits and candid shots at the Casa Azul, her home in Mexico City.

Photo courtesy of Blogs by Latinas

I’m always amazed how emotional I become the moment I see any of Frida’s art. Seeing her photos was no different. I drifted through the exhibit alone so that I could really take in these mementos of Frida’s life. What an absolute treat for someone who is obsessed with the Mexican artist as much as I am.

My husband snapped this shot of me being all emo, reading the timeline of Frida’s life.
Large scale photo of Frida painting her father’s portrait, Guillermo Kahlo.
Absolutely loved this photo of Frida with her hair down.

One of my favorite photos of the day was of Frida in bed, all curves and coyness. One would think she was being coy but the grim photos of her in traction speak otherwise. Still, her beauty and absolute strength shine through.

Every time I see a photo of Diego Rivera, I wonder what kind of magic el panzón possessed to attract so many women, both young and old. Whatever it was must have been pretty potent because it captured Frida’s heart over and over again. There was an actual photo of Diego with Frida’s lipstick print that was very touching to see.

My artist and Frida’s artist.

One day soon, I plan on making a trip to Mexico City and visiting Frida’s home, the place that inspired her to be, quite simply, her. Until then, I have her photos and her paintings to enjoy.

The museum store was filled with handmade Frida goodies from local artists.
Loved this tin piece.

My husband and I also took some time to enjoy MOLAA’s sculpture garden. It was the perfect So Cal day to visit the museum–sunny and bright.

Their painted pink stucco wall made me want to go home and paint something hot pink really bad, guys.

The Frida Kahlo, Her Photos exhibit runs until June 8, 2014 at The Museum of Latin American Art. Make sure you go and experience this amazing exhibit while it’s in town.

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Up close and personal: Frida Kahlo, Her Photos exhibit at MOLAA

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Up close and personal: Frida Kahlo, Her Photos exhibit at MOLAA

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