Things highly creative people do

I consider myself a creative person. However, a creative person that is still very much left-brained. My creative side and my analytical side are constantly going toe to toe, fighting for supremacy. But I know those people–the people who are completely creative and it dominates everything they do.

My husband is one of those people.

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I often describe him as one of those passionate artists that you’ve read about in art history books. You know, the kind that chop off an ear à la Vincent Van Gogh. The kind that get the idea to move to Tahiti so they can spend their days painting the native women à la Paul Gauguin. The kind that is way before their time.


And by passionate, I totally mean bat sh!t crazy.

For years, I lamented the fact that we could never “just be normal”. The kind of people who worked regular jobs, who woke up and went to bed at the same exact time every night.  I had romantic notions of how much easier and how much more predictable our life could be. When you have six kids, crazy stuff happens to your brain. I often had a hard time understanding my husband and how he did things.

I recently saw this list 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently on Huff Post and it made so much sense to me. I saw many of the same curious habits and qualities that my husband possesses. For the past nineteen years, I’ve seen them lived out from day to day.  The ironic part? I saw a lot of myself in this list, too. Maybe I haven’t been so easy to live with either.

Here are a few of the things we as creative people do around here:

    • Daydream
    • Observe everything
    • Work the hours that work for you
    • Make time for solitude
    • Seek out new experiences
    • People watch
    • Take risks
    • Follow your true passions
    • Surround yourself with beauty
    • Ask the big questions
    • Lose track of time
    • Shake things up

    We’re trying to teach our kids to do these things, too. They are learning from example.

    Needless to say, life is never dull when you surround yourself with creative people.

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    Things highly creative people do

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    Things highly creative people do

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    1. Toril

      That was so interesting! I do all of those things, and they often put me at odds with my surroundings. And I was never considered a creative person, more a Vulcan, rational, logical, ‘should have been a lawyer’. I have only recently ventured into art, but find it immensely satisfying.

      1. Denise Cortes

        “At odds with my surroundings””–what a great way to put it! Society isn’t too find of creative people because we disrupt their system.

    2. Creative Designers, Advertising Artists

      As a creative person, the only goal is to be in sync with your overall existence. Harmony, balance, beauty, texture, color and shapes are means to express shit.

      *Do art, be art, live art and creativity will envelope you, then it becomes collectible.

      *Life is short, move your hands, feet, eyes and ears to the sound of your living tone.

      *Pay attention to light and shadows, curves and corners. The values between one extreme to another.

      *Do something flat, then enjoy it on your wall.

      Mike Cortes

    3. Mayra

      Denise: I love this article because I feel so identified with it. We are a creative family and our thinking is not “normal”. My husband is a music composer and his profession has taken us to live a “different” and adventurous (is this a word?) life. We have moved to different cities and enjoy life there as tourists while looking to fulfill our dreams. In a squared society sometimes it is difficult to be a circle, but when you come to terms with yourself and recognize what are the things that fill your soul,  then you can fulfill your goals and understand that you don’t have to “fit” or follow the course of the rest of the society. We are a family that don’t follow the 9-5 schedule, or the public school calendar and that for fun you will find me refurbishing wooden furniture; one of my sons drawing in his room or practicing his batting skills in front of a mirror; the other looking for antique telephones and typewriters on ebay or watching American Pickers; and my husband reading and watching documentaries about other cultures and history which helps him to create and integrate stories and details into his compositions. We are simply enjoying life! Love this article!

      1. Denise Cortes

        We function in a similar fashion. What I love is that our kids follow suit–they don’t think they way we function is different or strange. Thanks for your insight, it’s so interesting to hear about creative families.

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