What to watch on Netflix: Recharging YOU

School is officially out for summer. Ahhh. 

Without school lessons to plan and art classes to teach, I have a smidge of free time for myself at night. I am that mom who waits until all of the kids are in bed for the night, armed with the iPad and a pair of headphones (the brand new ones that I have to hide or else the “headphone thieves” will strike) and the Netflix app.

So, what does a busy mama of six watch on Netflix? I watch all of the shows and movies I can’t with my kids around, obviously. Gritty dramas, spicy rom-coms, raunchy comedies…oh, and BBC period dramas about midwives in the 1950’s. You know, the usual.

Of course, I’ve already confessed my love of Orange Is the New Black (check out my Crazy Eyes-inspired Pop Up Love Note craft). I’m sad to say I finished season 2 in less than a week after it launched on June 6. I tried to pace myself but I couldn’t help it.

Oh, Netflix, why dost thou tempt me?

I will definitely be watching it all over again because I know there are lots of little things I probably missed. I absolutely loved learning about Poussey’s back story and I have to admit I think I may love her character more than Crazy Eyes. I know, I know–crazy, right? But no spoilers! You’ll have to just watch for yourselves.

With OITNB behind me, I’ve been searching new titles to stream. I completely love Call the Midwife! It takes me back to my pregnancy and homebirthing days. Shameless is another good one, but not the Showtime version–you must watch the UK series. After watching the foibles of Frank Gallagher and his large family, I suddenly felt like a very stellar parent. Am I the only one who has to pay really close attention to the dialogue–I think I need a translator. Those Manchester UK accents are no joke.

I’m currently making my way through Sons of Anarchy. There is nothing like a Shakespearean drama played out by attractive men with grizzled beards and leather vests. Rawrr. I’m currently steam-rolling through season 5 at the moment.

What’s on your queue right now?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the Netflix Stream Team. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.
What to watch on Netflix: Recharging YOU

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What to watch on Netflix: Recharging YOU

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  1. Unknown Mami

    I love me some Orange is the New Black and I’m watchin’ it slow so it will last. Also have Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown, and rewatching The Wonder Years from the very beginning…good show.

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