Visiting Glen Canyon National Park

At this time last year I was still on my #ALEx13 high, so excited and uplifted by my experience at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area with my amigas, on behalf of American Latino Heritage Fund. There was something about spending time on beautiful Lake Powell with its crisp blue waters and red-ringed mountains that really made me stop and reflect upon my life.

The view we woke up to every morning.

Perhaps it was the time away from the constant din of work and family that gave me some clarity. Maybe it was the red rocks in the distance that I woke up to every morning — they made my problems feel small. Maybe it was cool, peaceful lake that refreshed my stressed-out soul. Either way, I left energized, enlightened and to be honest, very eager to explore more of what our National Parks have to offer.

With every step I took, I thought about my family — my sons, my daughters, my husband — and how much they would love to be hiking the red rocks and jumping into Lake Powell alongside their mama. Most of all I thought of how much they needed to experience this and if I could just introduce a love of nature and our national parks to them early in life, they would be hooked forever.

On the border of Arizona and Utah is the beautiful Lake Powell.

Going on the #ALEx13 trip made me realize there was another world out there, one that I had not taken the time to respect and recognize. It suddenly made me passionate about our national parks. It made me want to share my experience with my family. So far I’ve been able to visit the World War II Valor in the Pacific Monument in Hawaii, and it was very moving. Can’t wait to visit more in the future!

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Here are a few scenes from our #ALEx13 trip that I’ve never shared before:

Riding on Lake Powell.
Crafty Chica hiking to Rainbow Bridge National Monument with a little support from Park Ranger Cindy Stafford.


Antelope Canyon was stunning and surreal.
On the Glen Canyon Dam tour, looking out at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center.
People congregating at the base of majestic Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

As I sit back and reminisce about the wonderful time I had visiting Glen Canyon National Park with my amigas Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica, Monique Frausto of Blogs by Latinas and Nicole Presley of Presley’s Pantry a year ago, I’m excited for the new adventure that is currently happening at Grand Teton National Park with a new set of influencers.

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I hope they are soaking up every single drop of their adventure right now because I know that when I look back at my own #ALEx13 experience, I didn’t realize just how truly amazing it was until it was all over.

Our Navajo guide Leonard and my amigas for life.

If you can, visit one of our National Parks. Take your family. You won’t regret it. My travel goal for 2015 is Yosemite National Park with my family and I’m putting it out there in the universe right now.

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Visiting Glen Canyon National Park

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Visiting Glen Canyon National Park

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