Netflix Fridays: Pizza + a movie

Friday nights were always my favorite night as a kid.

Friday nights meant my mom was home and could relax with us. It also meant we would watch my brother play high school football. It meant school dances. It meant pizza (holler if you love pizza leftovers for Saturday morning breakfast!). It also meant movie night.

Now that I’m a mama with six kids, our Friday nights are completely different. You would not believe how hard it is to wrangle eight people in one place. My teenagers have an active social life. We have soccer practice on Friday nights (seriously, who schedules soccer practice on a Friday night — at 7 pm, no less). Also, when you have work-from-home parents, TGIF doesn’t really hold the same meaning.

Still, I want to create that family relaxation time that my kids can count on. A night we where we just pile on to the sofa, eat some veggie pizza (I’m too much of an old woman to eat pepperoni anymore) and watch a movie on Netflix. What are we watching on Netflix these days? 

I’m loving the single girl mishaps of Being Mary Jane.
My son Diego is all about Doctor Who. He even went out and bought a red fez and a sonic screwdriver — total geek status!
My son Solomon loves everything skater-related so he is all about Dogtown and Z-Boys, Bones Brigade, Lords of Dogtown and Waiting for Lightning.
My girls love Mako Mermaids.
My husband loves to watch Marley while he’s working in his studio.

More ideas from Netflix:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the Netflix Stream Team. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Netflix Fridays: Pizza + a movie

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Netflix Fridays: Pizza + a movie

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