Neutrogena + Teens: Taking care of their skin

Neutrogena Rapid Clear line.

Ever since my sons have started to navigate their teen years, I’ve been concerned about their skin.  I remember what puberty was like and how I felt like a leper every time my skin broke out. Thank the heavens my breakouts were mild and I survived my teen years not too worse for the wear. Still, I worry about my boys and I cringe every time I see them touch their faces with sweaty, dirty hands. Inside I’m like, noooooooo.

Now, I’m that mom, the skin care nazi.

Me: You guys should use this cleanser twice a day.
Them: Do we have to?
Me: Yes! It’s important to keep your skin clean and it’ll help prevent breakouts. Do you want zits, son? Here, try this astringent.
Them: Astringent?
Me: You should also exfoliate.
Them: *blank stare*

And so it goes.  I seem to chase them around with cotton pads and astringent. They don’t know how good they have it — a mama who wants to help them have healthy, clean skin. I don’t remember my own mother teaching me about how to take care of my skin so over the years it’s been a lot of trial and error. It doesn’t have to be this way for them.

Recently, we were invited to a Neutrogena Selfie Teen Party by my amiga Rachel from The Art Muse. It was a fun evening of civilized company — as civilized as a rowdy group of teenagers can be — with other teens, along with some yummy snacks and some cool Neutrogena products.

Grub, teenagers and silliness.

We came home with an assortment of Neutrogena skin care products and the boys were actually eager to try them.  Say what? You know I’m not complaining! Sol, my 14 year old, is an avid skater and he routinely comes home dripping in sweat and dirt (eek!). He’s been using the Neutrogena Rapid Clear line without me asking and you don’t know how happy that makes me.

Sol likes the Treatment Pads and the Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel.

There was something for me, too. If I’m obsessed about my teenager’s skin, then it would only stand to reason that I’m equally obsessed with my own skin. I’m currently loving the Neutrogena Pink Grapfruit line, specifically the Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub and the Cleansing wipes. The cleansing wipes smell divine and they’ve been a lifesaver during the recent Southern California heatwave. I have a pack stashed in my office, in the bathroom and in the car.

I’m really hoping this Selfie Party sparked my teenager’s interest in their skin because we all know that good skin care habits start young. Thanks, Neutrogena!

Disclosure: This was not sponsored but Neutrogena provided us with various skin care products to facilitate this blog post.
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Neutrogena + Teens: Taking care of their skin

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Neutrogena + Teens: Taking care of their skin

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