Think Pink: Exuberant Pink Accent Wall

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of color to add some punch to a room. This is why I’ve always loved accent walls.

Choosing a color that will compliment the style of your home is a challenge and if you’re like me — a person who loves color — it’s crazy hard to commit to the perfect shade. It’s even more of a challenge to commit to a color for an entire room. This is where creating an accent wall comes in and saves the day.

An accent wall is where you can really take chances and be bold.

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Take my daughter’s bedroom, for example.

I can’t say that my “before wall” looked all that shabby. My daughters and I really loved the green color I chose a couple years ago in this Photo Wall Collage post. The photo collage wall of colorful frames and artwork really set it off, too. But I was itching for a change and since I’ve been collaborating with Sherwin-Williams Latino, I’m like a kid in a candy store. How can I not choose an amazing color with so many to choose from?

Mama, we want a pink wall! 

I gave them the side eye when they said pink because I immediately envisioned this hideous cotton candy pink color. Pink? Really? My mind could not wrap itself around an entire room of that color. I knew I wanted it to be a vibrant shade of pink, something modern and fresh and nothing too “bubblegum”.

I began searching for shades of pink that I could live with. Nevermind that this was for my daughter’s room — I had to love it, too. Taking cues from their bedding, I chose SW 6840 Exuberant Pink.


I decided on using the Emerald Interior Acrylic line once again because it provides great coverage so I could skip the primer stage. The wall color in a child’s bedroom needs to withstand rough and tumble kids play and in the case of my daughters — feet! They love to prop their feet up on the walls so the paint has to withstand the occasional scrubbing.

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I made sure I painted all of the trim and was careful of my edges because when you are using a bright color, uneven trim is quite noticeable. In fact, it’s the first thing my eyes go to. I am always careful to make my trim nice and neat or I will make myself insane eventually! If you don’t have a steady hand, blue painter’s tape is a lifesaver. Take the time to paint the trim first and painting the rest of the wall with a paint roller will be easy. Two coats covered the existing green paint without a problem.

Once the paint dried, it was just slightly darker than I expected but I was really, really pleased with how it turned out. The satin finish provides just the right amount of sheen.

The wall color was beautiful enough on its own, but I also wanted to hang some of our favorite artwork and quotes up on the wall again, to liven it up even more. This time, I edited and hung fewer pieces on the wall.

I’m also changing things up and using less skulls (believe it or not) and more inspirational quotes and lyrics to some of their favorite songs at church.

My little ladies love their new pink wall.

I think the accent wall turned out beautifully. The pink is not too bright but has the perfect amount of pop.

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Think Pink: Exuberant Pink Accent Wall

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Think Pink: Exuberant Pink Accent Wall

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