DIY: How to Make a Children’s Memory Book

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When I had my first child, I was obsessed with his baby book.

I wanted to document everything. First of all, I had a journal that I wrote in all throughout my pregnancy. Then, when my son was born, I dutifully filled in his baby book with his family tree, his weight, what was going on in the world the day he was born, etc. As he began to grow, I added the date his first tooth came through, when he started to call me mama, they way he loved to eat avocados and the first time he giggled uncontrollably (I laughed until I cried).

It was so important to me that I remembered every part of our life together at this special time.

Then I had another baby. And another. And another,  and another etc. You know how the story goes. Suffice it to say, only one of my six children has a complete baby book. He likes to tease his siblings about it, too.

I guess I’m the only child mom really loves!

All teasing aside, I still wanted to document the lives of my babies and I’ve done so, here on this blog. What I also did over the years is collect small journals and fill them up with notes, photos, prayers and funny stories for each of my children. They don’t have to be fancy, leather-bound books. They don’t have to include every detail of their busy life. You don’t even have to go out and buy a baby book. You can just as easily give old books a new life and make your own, documenting special moments of love with your children.

My baby girl, the youngest of six children.

I took some inspiration from this Crafty Chica Collection book and decided to make my own memory book for my daughter Xixi. It’s packed with great ideas!

 Make your own children’s memory book

To get started on your own children’s memory book, choose a book you can repurpose. I like to use small well-worn books that belong to my children because it adds another layer of personalization for them.

The picture book is one of my favorites for this project.

What you’ll need:

  • scrapbooking paper
  • tacky glue (or Mod Podge)
  • scissors
  • Optional: incorporate mixed media pages and/or patterned paper into your book

The basics: you’re going to recover the pages with scrapbook paper.

Trim your paper so it fits the pages of your book just right. Repeat until every page (front and back) is covered. Once the whole book is complete, the rest is up to you. Be creative. Utilize patterned papers, write a love note, add photos, stickers, tape cards and/or letters, envelopes, art projects, etc.

Your book should now look something like this.

I made letters from scrapbooking paper to add to the front of the book. To give the book cover a finished look, I added a coat of Mod Podge Satin.

One of Xixi’s paper dolls tucked inside.
Added an envelope to store a few of our favorite scriptures.

Now my baby girl has a little book to fill up with a few of her favorite things at this stage of life. When we fill it up, we’ll make another.

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DIY: How to Make a Children’s Memory Book

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DIY: How to Make a Children’s Memory Book

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  1. Ortega Mama

    I keep a journal for each of my 5 kids and have been writing in them since day one. I hope they will enjoy reading about funny things they once said and things they’ve done. I also take lots and lots of pictures.

  2. Jessica To

    I try to take pictures but I also ask other people to take pictures of us as a family.
    reklaw422 at Hotmail dot com

  3. paulasue

    I like taking pictures and video with my camera, and downloading on DVDS for all of us to watch. Thank you, Paula C.

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