DIY: Mexican Fabric Clutch Bag

Spruce up your plain clutch bag with Mexican fabric, which adds a pop of color and culture to your wardrobe.

Ya’ll know how I am about that ethnic fabric life.

Keep your Michael Kors bag.
Your Coach bag.
Your Kate Spade bag.
No me gusta.

I am forever loving the richness and the Boho-chicness of bags that rock the ethnic fabric.

I love love love the beautiful colors, the patterns, the culture — all of it.

It’s been my thing to stalk Mercado Global, Ixchel Triangle and various Etsy shops for beautiful purses and clutch bags. Even though the holidays are upon us and I should really start on my Christmas shopping (since I have a bajillion kids), I still find myself browsing online and on Instagram, hovering around like a vulture and waiting for one of these bags to fall from the sky and into my lap.

I want.

As much as I’d love to own one of those bags (the stories behind each one sound amazing!) my mother-of-a-large-family sensibilities totally prevent me from buying one for myself. Sigh. Not when I have a little girl who is currently wearing jeans that look like she’s waiting for a flood (she grew so much over the summer!) and a son who is currently rocking holey shoes like it’s nobody’s business. 

This means I have to DIY it.

Don’t get me wrong. This is no substitute for my ethnic print bag obsession. This is just throwing myself a bone until I can scrape up my pennies for the real deal some day.

A girl can dream.

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So, this is what I did. Find yourself a cute (and plain) clutch bag. I had this salmon-colored bag that I never used because it was, well salmon. And I never really wear that color. I searched through my Mexi fabric stash for a pattern that complemented the salmon clutch and I was ready to get this diy started.

Don’t blink your eyes because this is the fastest DIY you’ll ever see.

  • Measure a piece of Mexican fabric to your clutch bag.
  • Fold over the edges of your fabric piece so it lays flat and straight. You can iron it if you’re feeling fancy.
  • Use Aleene’s Peel and Stick Sheets to glue the fabric onto your clutch bag per package instructions.
That’s it, man.
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I love how the orange in the fabric went so well with the salmon color of the bag.
I ironed my edges because yes, I’m fancy like that.
Put down the glue gun! The glue sheets made this project super easy.
Don’t worry about your fabric square being perfectly straight. The Boho chic style of this bag is very forgiving.

This Mexican-fabric clutch bag will give my all-black everything holiday attire a much-needed pop of color and cultura.

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DIY: Mexican Fabric Clutch Bag

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DIY: Mexican Fabric Clutch Bag

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