Netflix: Veggie Tales in the House

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When my boys were young, they were hooked on Veggie Tales.

My little brother Jeshua was seven years old when I had my first baby, but he was already a Veggie Tales fanatic. He had this bootleg video tape (tape!) with the first handful of Veggie Tales that he watched over and over.

O, where…is my hairbrush? O where o where o where o where o where….

That video tape was passed down to my son and eventually the rest of my kids. It was only a matter of time before my kids got hooked on Veggie Tales, too. It was mainly my two oldest sons who are now 15 and 17 years old. Every wholesome message, every silly song with Larry, every Larry Boy episode…they loved them all. I did too.

When they discovered they could see Veggie Tales on Netflix, they were both filled with nostalgia and pumped to see their old favorites, plus the newer ones they’ve never seen because they were too busy growing up into men.


Of course, I had to hang out on the sofa with them because any opportunity I get to have my boys sitting around watching Veggie Tales, I love. There is an all-new Netflix original, Veggie Tales in the House, that just started streaming on November 26. What a great way to show your kids why friends are worth being thankful for by two of our favorite duos, Bob and Larry.

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