DIY: Pull-String Piñata

Although my family didn’t celebrate this growing up, I think las Posadas are a lovely tradition.

Las Posadas are celebrated throughout the nine days before Christmas. They’re fiestas that families celebrate together in the evening, to remind us of the journey of Mary and Joseph as they searched for a place to stay for Jesus’ birth. There is lots of family, food, songs, candles, candy, ponche and piñatas.

I wanted to make my own piñata for my girls and their cousins to enjoy that didn’t include a big stick! I love the idea of a non-violent piñata. Heh. How many times have I cringed inside while my children’s inner gorilla came out and they demolished a poor innocent piñata? Too many times to count.

A pull-string piñata is a cute alternative.

What makes these pull-string piñatas different? Start with a small round paper lantern as your base.

You can make several small ones, depending on how many children you have in the family. You start by adding tissue paper fringe. For all of the step by step details, go to for the full tutorial.

Make sure you secure the bottom of the paper lantern with a piece of cardboard — so easy!

Now you can add all kinds of goodies, such as candy (Mexican candy is fun for las posadas), small toys and confetti.

How cute and easy are these little pull-string piñatas? Perfect for small celebrations, your child’s birthday party and las posadas. Just have your littles tug on the string, the cardboard piece pops open and all of the goodies fall out.

Merry Christmas!

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DIY: Pull-String Piñata

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DIY: Pull-String Piñata

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