Staying home for NYE with Netflix

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I went on a rare movie date with my husband last night and we were discussing New Year’s Eve plans.

I’d be happy to stay home in my pj’s with our kids and make something yummy to munch on, making sure to kiss one another when the clock strikes twelve. We haven’t “went out” on NYE for several years now and that is perfectly fine with me. It’s not easy to find a babysitter on NYE and to be honest, I’d much rather be with my family than get all dressed up and stand around with complete strangers and a cocktail in my hand.

I’d probably be wondering what my kids were doing anyway.

Over the years, we’ve celebrated NYE with dear friends and their children, laughing, eating and praying in the new year. Warm clothes, dance playlists on the iPod, crock pots and kids running around is as fancy as we got. Then there was that one year we were all sicker than dogs and just laid mattresses on the living room floor to make a giant bed for us all to suffer together. My husband and I and our four little boys (I was eight months pregnant at the time, too) — ugh, that was a rough one.

This year, though, I think we’ll stay home. It’s probably one of the last years we’ll have all of our kids at home with us. My 17 year-old already asked me about spending the 31st with a few of his friends and inwardly I was crying, nooooo, stay home with us, please.

That’s it. My mind is made up. Tomorrow night, we (this includes my 17 year-old) are going to snuggle on the sofa with a pile of soft blankets, eat something yummy (preferably gooey and cheesy), watch a movie on Netflix and doze off and on until the countdown before midnight. I can’t wait. As much as my family drives me crazy, there is really no other place I’d rather be.

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Staying home for NYE with Netflix

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Staying home for NYE with Netflix

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