Incorporating homeopathic meds into your life

Incorporating homeopathic meds into your life.
I’m always searching for natural solutions for my family. Homeopathic medicine has worked for us.

I’ve always been the crunchy granola type.

I just like the idea of things being natural and I’ve been this way since I was about to have my first homebirth with my third child, nearly fifteen years ago. After going to great lengths to give birth at home in the most relaxing and natural way possible, it just didn’t feel right to fill my children’s bodies with a bunch of questionable ingredients when they were sick. I felt this way about my own health, too. Sure, we’ve used asthma meds and a fever reducer when one of my children suffered from febrile seizures but for the most part, I’ve tried to treat our ailments naturally.

Finding natural solutions for my family just felt right to me. Homeopathic meds might seem weird or unfamiliar, but most of us have given them to our babies when they’re teething. Let me tell you a little story about a huge parenting fail.

My four year-old son went rummaging through my closet one day and found an old purse of mine. Searching for bubble gum (which I always have), he came across a bottle of teething tablets. I didn’t know it at the time, but he must have swallowed half the bottle. That afternoon, he was acting a little weird and was oddly quiet.

Mama, I feel funny. 

Then he walked over to the sofa and plopped his little body down on the loveseat. When I went to check on him, he was fast asleep. It was in the middle of the day and he was well past the napping stage so I knew something was amiss. That’s when I discovered the empty bottle of homeopathic meds on the floor of the bedroom and put two and two together. Oh, my.

True story, bro.

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Not my best parenting moment, for sure. From that point forward, I always remembered to put any medicine in a safe place and out of the reach of little ones. Still, that experience didn’t scare me away from using homeopathic meds. If anything, it showed me how safe homeopathic meds can be. Had that been a bottle of aspirin, it might have gone a little bit differently. All I know is, with each child I had after this incident, I was never afraid to pop a few extra teething tablets into their mouth than the recommended dosage, if you know what I mean.

My babies aren’t babies anymore but we still like to use homeopathic meds. These days, I love to use Hyland’s Nerve Tonic® for stressful days (when you have six kids age 10 to almost 18, that is basically every day) and Hyland’s Calms Forté® at night when I want to get some solid hours of rest in but my brain won’t shut off.

Incorporating homeopathic meds into your life.

It makes me feel good knowing I am using something that is gentle and works with my body, not against it.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post but Hylands sent me some of their products to try out.

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Incorporating homeopathic meds into your life

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Incorporating homeopathic meds into your life

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