Talking about homebirth with Super Mamás


I had heard so many good things about the Super Mamás podcast, which is a weekly broadcast where sisters Bricia and Paulina Lopez sit down and talk about all things motherhood, sharing their knowledge with other moms — both new, expecting and veteran moms. I met them last year at We All Grow L.A and loved what they were doing. Motherhood can be incredibly isolating at times. I wish Super Mamás was around when I became a mama in 1997. There were so many days where I was alone with little people, taking care of all their needs and feeling so lonely for other grown ups. I read so many books about motherhood, hoping and praying I was doing it right. When I discovered the interwebs, it opened up a whole new world for me. Guess who I was searching for? Other mothers who were in the same stage of life as myself. This is why I really love what Super Mamás does for their community of moms: providing support for one another during the emotional ups and downs of motherhood. The fact that they are Mexican — Oaxaqueñas! — was just the cherry on top for me.

I ran into Paulina at Disneyland and she asked me if I would do an episode with them and of course, I said yes!


Hanging out with them at their family-owned restaurant Guelaguetza in L.A was such a fun day. The sisters do their podcast out of their office, so it’s a very natural, casual environment. I wasn’t nervous and I really enjoyed the conversational tone of it all. It was just like sitting down with two friends and talking about life. In my episode, we touch on a few subjects: homebirth, homeschooling and having a large family. Tune in to see if I actually remember all six of my children’s names and birthdays when asked (spoiler alert: I do — duh — because I’m a super mama!).


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Talking about homebirth with Super Mamás

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Talking about homebirth with Super Mamás

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