Modern Art 4 Kids: Found Object Sculpture


I don’t like creepy things but I do love baby doll heads.

Not the actual dolls themselves. Just their heads. Hah.

My daughters are now 11 and 12 so they are sadly past the doll stage. This means I came up on all of their discarded dolls, which in turn left me with a pile of doll heads (you should have seen me chopping them off with a knife).

*rubs hands together*


Found Object Sculpture

One of my favorite ways to use the doll heads and other found objects is in a sculpture, or assemblage. An assemblage is a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.

It is basically creating something out of nothing.

Anyone can do this project, but it’s especially fun to do it with kids because there is always a plethora of old and/or discarded toys, broken jewelry, buttons, bottle caps etc. laying around. If you’re a mama, all you need to do is take a quick trip to your child’s play room to find some good stuff.


What you’ll need:

Lay out the found objects on your surface. Don’t be afraid to pile them on — it’ll look great once the space is completely filled up. Use the hot glue gun to glue your objects to the surface as you go. The glue gun will make those annoying little glue strings but it’s ok, just make sure everything is secure. Next, paint the entire sculpture with spray paint. Take your time, making sure you get in between all the layers of glued objects. It will probably take a few coats. Be sure it dries completely in between. I like the look of high gloss but a flat color looks really cool, too.

Every time the sculpture was moved, the doll’s eye would pop open! Super creepy. The red made the sculpture pop and also it’s a bloody good look for Halloween. Have fun with your found object sculptures!




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Modern Art 4 Kids: Found Object Sculpture

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Modern Art 4 Kids: Found Object Sculpture

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