For Cold Brew Coffee Lovers


My husband tells me I am a difficult person to shop for but I don’t believe it. If you pay close attention to what a person likes, then you’ve won half the battle of gift-giving. I guess the key is being an observant person.

So, if you’re really paying attention then you’d know I don’t drink hot coffee — I am strictly a tea heaux.  Now, cold brew — cold brew coffee is my jam.

It’s practically science.

A Cold Brew Coffee Lover’s Gift Set

I was so tickled when I received a hand-curated gift box from Thoughtfully. Their tagline is: A truly thoughtful gift is a story – a curated adventure perfect for each special individual in your life. I guess my story is about cold brew! I ain’t mad. My gift box contained Colombian coffee, cotton filters, an aluminum scoop and an amazingly large mason jar with a pourable lid.


The Science of Cold Brew

I’ll never make a weak cup of iced coffee again. I love that they break down the science behind the perfect cold brew coffee. I’m excited to try it!


Thank you, Thoughtfully! Be sure to check out Thoughtfully and all of their really cool gift sets for all occasions. I’m happy to announce that I have one gift set to give away to a lucky reader this Christmas season. Just go ahead and leave a comment about your favorite way to enjoy coffee. Good luck!

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For Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

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For Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

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  1. Shameeka Jones

    I like to enjoy coffee outside on the porch listening to the birds sing and my dogs barking at the singing birds!. All right before the hustle and bustle of my day!

  2. Nina

    A hot cup
    Of coffee reminds me of when I was little visiting family in Honduras, and we would have a cup of coffee with baleadas 🙂 for breakfast or with some cemitas (aka conchas)

  3. Renee Roberts

    I love everything about coffee, except the fact that it makes me hot after drinking it! I’ve tried the cold brew a few different ways, however, it never tastes right. What I especially love about this product is that you said it comes with instructions for the perfect cup! I need this in my life.

  4. Limda

    In the morning the aroma is my invitation to start my day
    In the afternoon it’s my pick me up
    In the evening a cup might wind me down or gather me with friends at a coffee shop
    Serve it cold to cool me down or hot to warm me up
    I wrap my hands around it and serve it in a beautiful coffee cup! ☕️

  5. Clara Rojas-Guenther

    I don’t really like regular coffee but do love a good cappuccino or latte. That said, however, I recently tried my husband’s cold brew coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I have to say it was yummy. I may have to try one of my own.

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